All are breakfasts are cooked fresh to order and are available every lunchtime.

Sausage Barm


Bacon Barm £2.20
Bacon & Egg Barm £2.20
Bacon, Sausage & Egg Barm £3.00
Light Breakfast £2.79
Big Breakfast £3.99



       All our barms are made fresh to order.

Cheese Salad                                                                           £2.49
Roast Pork Salad £2.49
Chicken Salad £2.49
Prawn Mayonnaise £2.49
Bacon, Sausage & Egg



Lunchtime Specials

why not try one of our great specials, cooked to order every lunchtime.

1  Vegetable                            A  Sweet & sour                     £3.79      
2  Chicken B  Curry Sauce £3.79
3  Char Sui C  Black Bean Sauce £3.79
4  Beef D  Satay Sauce £3.79
                                     NEW!     Honey & Soy Sauce £3.79


Our fish is delivered fresh each day (except Sundays).  We use only Cod or Haddock, ensuring the quality of fish we serve to our customers.

Chips                                                                                          £1.50     

Chips (Large)                                                                             £2.00     

Chip Barm                                                                                  £1.50     

Fish                                                                                             £3.60     

Chicken                                                                                      £3.60     

Sausage                                                                                      £0.70     

Sausage (Large)                                                                         £1.00     

Pies                                                                                             £1.90     

Scallops                                                                                      £1.50     

Gravy, Curry, Peas & Beans                                                      £1.00  

Savoury Fishcake (Homemade)                                                 £2.00     

Chop Suey Roll                                                                         £1.60     

Spam Fritter                                                                               £1.20     

Burger in Batter                                                                         £1.50     

Onion Rings                                                                              £1.20

Mushrooms in Batter                                                                 £1.80     

Cans                                                                                          £0.70     

Bottles 500 ml                                                                           £0.99

Bottles 1.5ltr                                                                             £1.80

Kebabs & Burgers

We use only the best quality kebabs and burgers... why not try our own chicken tikka kebab, made and prepared fresh each day?



Donner Kebab £4.20
Donner Barm £3.20
Tray Donner Meat (salad 60p extra) £3.20
Chicken Kebab £4.70
Mixed Kebab £5.00
Pitta Salad £1.40
1/4lb Beef Burger £2.40
1/4lb Cheese Burger  £2.60
1/2lb Greedy Burger £3.40
3/4lb Homer Burger £3.99
Vegi Burger  £2.60
Hawaiian Burger  £2.80
Chicken Burger £2.60
Chicken nuggets 8pcs £2.49
Chicken nuggets 12pcs £3.29
Chicken nuggets 20pcs £4.29
(salt n pepper add £1)  

Value Meals

 all meals come with Chips and a can of your choice.

Cheese Burger Meal                                                                £3.99    
Chicken Burger Meal £3.99
Vegi Burger Meal £3.99
8 Nuggets Meal £3.99

Kiddies Meals

all include crisps, lollypop and carton drink.

Chips & Sausage                                                                    £2.20
Chips & Nuggets £2.40
Chips & Fish Fingers                                                            £2.40



Chicken & Sweetcorn                                                            £2.40
Chicken & Noodle £2.40
Chicken & Mushroom £2.40
Hot & Sour £2.40
Wonton £2.50
Wonton, Char Sui & Noodle £3.00


Spring Rolls (8) (choice of meat or vegetable)                       £3.40
Prawn Toast £3.40
Crispy Wontons (6) £2.80
Samosas (3) £2.20
Sui Mai (6) £3.40
Seaweed £2.60
Mixed Combination £6.50
Peking Duck with 10 pancakes, salad & hoi sin sauce £7.50
Salt & Pepper Wings £4.50
Salt & Pepper Chips £2.20
Salt & Pepper Ribs £5.40
Barbeque Ribs £5.40
Cantonese Ribs £5.40
Honey Ribs £5.40


Our vastly experienced and skilled chef, P.H.Nguyen, cooks each meal fresh, which we believe surpasses the quality of many Chinese restaurants.

When ordering, please combine your choice of one from 1-9, together with any one from A-V, i.e  Chicken Curry... 2H


1  Vegetable                 £5.00         6  King Prawn               £5.60
2  Chicken £5.40 7  Mixed Meat £5.80
3  Char Sui £5.40 8  Special £5.80
4  Beef £5.40 9  Duck £6.10
5  Prawn £5.40    
A  Omelette                  L  Tomato       h     
B  Mushroom     h M  Oyster      h  
C  Chop Suey     h N  Satay     h  
D  Chow Mein     h O  Chilli & Garlic     h  
E  Fried Rice   P  Cantonese      
F  Sweet & Sour     Q  Cashew Nut     h add 50p
G  Foo Yung   R  Ginger & Spring Onion        h  
h  Curry   S  Kunpo     h add 30p
I  Pineapple     h T  Broccoli     h  
J  Black Bean     h U  Black Pepper     h  
K  Hot Bean     h V  Garlic     h  
    W Honey and Soya Sauce NEW!    
('h' - healthy    X  XO Sauce       NEW! h  

All above come with chips or boiled rice (omelette comes with chips and peas) except Chow Mein.


Fried Rice                                                                                  extra £0.60

Noodles                                                                                     extra £0.90



Chef Specials

These are meals that need extra preparation.

Salt & Pepper Chicken                                                         £5.40
Singapore Vermicelli £5.80
Singapore Fried Rice £5.80
Singapore Chow Mein   £5.80 
Nasi Goreng Fried Rice   NEW!   £5.80
Special Udon Noodles     NEW!   £6.00
Smokey Chicken             NEW!   £5.90
Hot 'n' Sour chicken        NEW!   £5.90
Chicken or Duck in Orange Sauce £5.90
Chicken or Duck in Lemon Sauce £5.90
Chicken or Duck in Plum Sauce £5.90
Chicken or Duck in Garlic & Wine Sauce £5.90
Crispy Chilli Beef or Chicken in Hot Chilli Sauce £5.90
Crispy Chilli Beef or Chicken in Sweet Chilli Sauce £5.90
Mixed Grill  with chips and peas £7.10
Sirloin Steak with chips and peas £7.10
Beef & Onions with chips and/or rice    NEW! £5.40

Set Meals

For Person - £8.90

Prawn Crackers, Chicken Sweetcorn Soup or Hot & Sour Soup, Chicken Curry and Fried Rice, Can of Pepsi (330ml)

For 2 People - £21.90

Prawn Crackers, Spring Rolls, Prawn Toast, Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup (2), Barbeque Ribs, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Beef Satay, Yung Chow Fried Rice


For 3 People - £31.90

Prawn Crackers, Spring Rolls, Prawn Toast, Hot & Sour Soup (3), Cantonese Ribs, Sweet & Sour Pork, King Prawn Ginger & Spring Onion, Chicken Satay, Yung Chow Fried Rice


For 4 People - £39.90

Prawn Crackers, Spring Rolls, Prawn Toast, Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup (4), Salt & Pepper Ribs, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Special Cantonese, Beef Kunpo, King Prawn Green Pepper, Yung Chow Fried Rice


Vegetarian Meal For 2 People - £15.90

Prawn Crackers, Vegi Spring Rolls, Mushroom Soup (2), Egg Foo Yung, Vegetable Sweet & Sour, Mixed Vegetables, Fried Rice




Why not finish off with Haagen-Dazs ice-cream or an apple pie.... or even both!

Haagen-Dazs                                                                       £3.99
Apple Pie £0.99


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